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Passers list of 1st special EPS-TOPIK in Pakistan

Announcement of 1st special EPS-TOPIK result in Pakistan is as attached. Passers shall submit job application form and requirements to the OEC. The individual result(not only passers but also failure) of EPS-TOPIK is also to be noticed on the EPS website( in English version and in local language version) ○ Method to check the individual result
- Access the EPS website(
- click the language version(English or local language)
- click "View EPS-TOPIK Score" section
- Enter the primary key[16 digits, Ex)0082012C91200000)] stated at attachment) in EPS-TOPIK box
- click "SEARCH" button and check the individual result.
PKNo                          RG no           Name                                                 Industry
0032013C90200008      90200008       HUSSAIN AMJAD                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200010      90200010       ALAM MUHAMMAD NAVEED             Manufacturing
0032013C90200015      90200015       SAJID NADEEM                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200017      90200017       ALI SHAUKAT                                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200027      90200027       ABBAS CHOUDHRY IMRAN                Manufacturing
0032013C90200031      90200031       SADIQ MUHAMMAD TANZEEL           Manufacturing
0032013C90200032      90200032       AHMAD ASHFAQ                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200033      90200033       ALI RASHED                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200039      90200039       ALI HASNAIN                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200054      90200054       AHMED SAEED                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200065      90200065       SHAHZAD ZAIGHAM                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200069      90200069       REHMAN SAIF UR                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200084      90200084       IMRAN ASIF                                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200085      90200085       ABDULLAH                                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200127      90200127       MEHBOOB CHAN                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200151      90200151       ULLAH AMIN                                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200157      90200157       IQBAL JAVED                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200159      90200159       ABBAS TAHIR                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200164      90200164       LIAQAT HASNAT                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200168      90200168       ALI SYED TASLEEM                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200174      90200174       NAGMAN MUHAMMAD                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200175      90200175       HUSSAIN ZAHID                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200215      90200215       MANZOOR TAHIR                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200233      90200233       ASHRAF NAJAF                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200234      90200234       ZAHID KHIZAR HAYAT                        Manufacturing
0032013C90200235      90200235       NAEEM RANA ABDUL                        Manufacturing
0032013C90200241      90200241       HUSSAIN MUZAMMAL                        Manufacturing
0032013C90200249      90200249       HUMYUN AZHAR                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200264      90200264       KHAN FATEH                                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200267      90200267       HUSSAIN MUHAMMAD EIJAZ             Manufacturing
0032013C90200269      90200269       NAVEED SHAHID                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200285      90200285       IMRAN MUHAMMAD                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200295      90200295       IMRAN KANWAR ATIF                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200299      90200299       ABBAS AZHAR                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200305      90200305       BASHIR MUHAMMAD                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200308      90200308       ALI KAMRAN                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200309      90200309       ABBAS TOUKEER                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200311      90200311       QAISER GULFAM KHAN                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200316      90200316       SHAHZAD AMIR                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200002      90200002       ANJUM NAVEED                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200004      90200004       ALI SHAHBAZ                                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200013      90200013       MUHAMMAD NAWAZ                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200014      90200014       ASHRAF MUHAMMAD NAVEED         Manufacturing
0032013C90200016      90200016       ISHTIAQ AHMAD                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200023      90200023       LATIF HAJI MUHAMMAD ASIF            Manufacturing
0032013C90200024      90200024       IQBAL SHAHID                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200040      90200040       SHAHZAD MOHSIN                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200044      90200044       AFZAL MUHAMMAD TALAL                Manufacturing
0032013C90200051      90200051       ZEESHAN MUHAMMAD                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200060      90200060       ALI MAHID                                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200062      90200062       NADEEM MUHAMMAD                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200075      90200075       SALEEM MUHAMMAD IMRAN            Manufacturing
0032013C90200079      90200079       IQBAL SHAHZAD                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200082      90200082       HUSSAIN IBRAR                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200091      90200091       AHMED MUHAMMAD JANGEER         Manufacturing
0032013C90200107      90200107       HAMEEDULLAH                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200112      90200112       YOUNAS MUHAMMAD                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200114      90200114       KHAN KASHIF ALI                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200115      90200115       MEHMOOD AZHAR                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200122      90200122       NADEEM QAISAR                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200124      90200124       KHAN ASAD ALI                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200136      90200136       MUSHTAQ YASIR                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200146      90200146       AZHAR MUHAMMAD                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200149      90200149       HAMEED SHAHBAZ                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200166      90200166       FAIZ SAFDAR                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200167      90200167       AKHTAR NAEEM                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200169      90200169       AHMAD MUSHTAQ                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200172      90200172       AKHTAR TANVEER                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200173      90200173       HABIB-UR-REHMAN                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200176      90200176       YAQOOB WAQAS                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200181      90200181       IMRAN MUHAMMAD                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200190      90200190       ARFAT YASAR                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200192      90200192       HASSAN MEHMOOD UL                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200194      90200194       JUNAID CHAUDHRY MUHAMMAD      Manufacturing
0032013C90200200      90200200       KHAN MUHAMMAD AFZAL                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200213      90200213       HUSSAIN USMAN                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200228      90200228       MUHAMMAD SHAHZAD                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200248      90200248       ABBAS SAFEER                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200252      90200252       RASHEED WASEEM                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200258      90200258       HAIDER SAJJAD                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200276      90200276       RASHID FAROOQ                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200284      90200284       AHMED SHAKEEL                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200287      90200287       SAJJAD AAMAR                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200292      90200292       MAQSOOD MUHAMMAD                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200302      90200302       SHEHZAD KHURRAM                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200019      90200019       SHAHZAD AMIR                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200021      90200021       HUSSAIN ZULFIQAR                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200025      90200025       RASOOL MUJAHID                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200037      90200037       ABBAS MUHAMMAD NADEEM           Manufacturing
0032013C90200047      90200047       PIR ZADA                                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200055      90200055       KHAN ASADULLAH                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200057      90200057       AHMAD AMER                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200058      90200058       AHMED SHABBIR                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200064      90200064       JAMIL MUHAMMAD                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200072      90200072       TAHIR MUHAMMAD                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200081      90200081       KHALIQ MUHAMMAD SHAHZAD         Manufacturing
0032013C90200088      90200088       FAYYAZ MUHAMMAD                        Manufacturing
0032013C90200093      90200093       KHAN RAFIULLAH                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200096      90200096       ALI RAHMAT                                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200101      90200101       ALI NASIR                                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200104      90200104       HABIB AKMAL                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200108      90200108       AHMED BILAL                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200109      90200109       ABBAS IMRAN                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200117      90200117       HAMZA ALI                                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200118      90200118       HUSSAIN TANVEER                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200119      90200119       HASSAN SHAFIQ UL                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200123      90200123       ALI AMANT                                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200125      90200125       NASEER MUHAMMAD                        Manufacturing
0032013C90200128      90200128       SHAHID MUHAMMAD                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200129      90200129       HUSSAIN ABID                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200133      90200133       MUKHTAR AHMAD                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200137      90200137       SHAHZAD IMRAN                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200142      90200142       FAROOQ SHOAIB                               Manufacturing
0032013C90200150      90200150       KHAN MUHAMMAD AFZAL                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200162      90200162       AKRAM MUHAMMAD ADNAN             Manufacturing
0032013C90200170      90200170       NAZIM MUHAMMAD                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200193      90200193       IQBAL ZAHEER                                  Manufacturing
0032013C90200199      90200199       KHAN RIAZ ALI                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200201      90200201       JAN MUHAMMAD AMIN                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200209      90200209       IMRAN MUHAMMAD                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200210      90200210       AHMAD MUSHTAQ                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200221      90200221       YASIN GHULAM                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200223      90200223       GOHAR IMRAN                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200227      90200227       AOULAKH MUHAMMAD SHAHBAZ     Manufacturing
0032013C90200229      90200229       MEHMOOD ZAHID                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200244      90200244       ABBAS KASHIF                                  Manufacturing
0032013C90200250      90200250       GUL RIZWAN                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200263      90200263       ZAMAN KHALID                                  Manufacturing
0032013C90200271      90200271       FAISAL MUHAMMAD                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200281      90200281       SARWAR WASIM                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200289      90200289       RIZWAN UZ ZAMAN                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200296      90200296       GONDAL TARIQ MAHMOOD               Manufacturing
0032013C90200301      90200301       HAQ MUHAMMAD ANWAAR UL          Manufacturing
0032013C90200312      90200312       RAFIQ AZEEM                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200315      90200315       IRSHAD MUHAMMAD                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200326      90200326       ABBAS HASSAN                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200009      90200009       SAFDAR MUHAMMMAD                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200011      90200011       MUHAMMAD FARAZ                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200012      90200012       REHMAN ABAID UR                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200018      90200018       RASOOL MUHAMMAD USMAN           Manufacturing
0032013C90200020      90200020       MAHMOOD QAISAR                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200026      90200026       ZAIN MUHAMMAD SHAHID                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200029      90200029       AMANULLAH                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200041      90200041       AHMAD ADEEL                                  Manufacturing
0032013C90200046      90200046       IJAZ MUHAMMAD                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200053      90200053       RASHID SHAHBAZ                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200056      90200056       ABID MUHAMMAD                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200063      90200063       IMRAN MUHAMMAD                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200067      90200067       SARWAR WASEEM                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200076      90200076       WAQAS MOHAMMAD                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200083      90200083       KHAN AHMAD                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200086      90200086       WASEEM MUHAMMAD                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200087      90200087       ABBAS TOUQEER                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200095      90200095       AHMAD FIAZ                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200098      90200098       KHAN MUJAHID                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200103      90200103       BASHIR BABAR                                  Manufacturing
0032013C90200105      90200105       AHMED OZAIR                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200130      90200130       BHALLI ATTA UL HAQ                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200131      90200131       JAVEED IFTIKHAR                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200138      90200138       MUHAMMAD NAVID                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200140      90200140       AMIR ASAD                                        Manufacturing
0032013C90200152      90200152       ALI HAFIZ USMAN                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200156      90200156       AFZAL NAVEED                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200160      90200160       MEHMOOD ARSHAD                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200165      90200165       HUSSAIN MAZHAR                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200177      90200177       SHAHZAD AAMAR                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200178      90200178       MEHMOOD ZAHID                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200179      90200179       ABBAS SYED MUDDASAR                Manufacturing
0032013C90200186      90200186       MUHAMMAD SARWAR                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200187      90200187       AKHTAR NAEEM                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200205      90200205       ALI GHAZANFAR                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200208      90200208       HUSSAIN FAYYAZ                              Manufacturing
0032013C90200217      90200217       REHMAN ALTAF UR                           Manufacturing
0032013C90200230      90200230       SULTAN HAMID                                  Manufacturing
0032013C90200232      90200232       KHAN ADIL                                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200236      90200236       WATOO JAVED AKHTAR                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200237      90200237       CHEEMA GHAZANFAR ABBAS           Manufacturing
0032013C90200247      90200247       SHAFIQUE MUHAMMAD                     Manufacturing
0032013C90200254      90200254       DAD KHUDA ASAD                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200283      90200283       AHMED SHAHBAZ                             Manufacturing
0032013C90200290      90200290       JAVED AKHTAR                                 Manufacturing
0032013C90200297      90200297       QURESHI MUHAMMAD ASIF              Manufacturing
0032013C90200306      90200306       TAYYAB ADNAN                                Manufacturing
0032013C90200313      90200313       WAQAS QASIM                                  Manufacturing
0032013C90200320      90200320       HUSSAIN ABID                                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200322      90200322       ALTAF MUHAMMAD FAISAL               Manufacturing
0032013C90200325      90200325       ABBAS ASAD                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200028      90200028       ALI SABIR                                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200034      90200034       ALAM MUHAMMAD YOUSAF              Manufacturing
0032013C90200066      90200066       ALI ARSHAD                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200078      90200078       ALI ASGHAR                                      Manufacturing
0032013C90200080      90200080       SAJID MUHAMMAD                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200106      90200106       MUHAMMAD NOOR                            Manufacturing
0032013C90200141      90200141       AMRAIZ MUHAMMAD                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200153      90200153       MEHMOOD ZAHEER                          Manufacturing
0032013C90200188      90200188       SHAHID MUHAMMAD                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200189      90200189       NAVEED MUHAMMAD                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200196      90200196       CHOHAN AMIR HAMEED                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200206      90200206       HAIDER BILAL                                    Manufacturing
0032013C90200216      90200216       ALI ZAFAR                                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200224      90200224       JADOON AAMIR KHAN                       Manufacturing
0032013C90200225      90200225       SHAHZAD KHURRAM                         Manufacturing
0032013C90200226      90200226       KHAN WALI MUHAMMAD                   Manufacturing
0032013C90200257      90200257       AHMED HUSNAIN                               Manufacturing