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Special EPS-TOPIK Passer List in Vietnam

 PKNo                                     RG no               Name                                                      Industry
0082013C90301024          90301024       LUONG VAN DONG                              Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90301101          90301101       VU THI QUYNH                                      Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90301178          90301178       HA VAN QUAN                                      Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90300119          90300119       TRAN XUAN HAI                                    Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90300611          90300611       DOAN VAN BAC                                    Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90300434          90300434       NGUYEN THI ANH                                  Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90300437          90300437       NGUYEN THANH HUONG                     Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90300512          90300512       CAO THANH TINH                                 Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90301023          90301023       CAO THANH HUNG                               Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90301033          90301033       HOANG MANH HUNG                          Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90301161          90301161       VO VAN CONG                                      Agriculture & Livestock
0082013C90301103          90301103       LE HONG MINH                                     Agriculture & Livestock

0082013C90300295          90300295       NGUYEN DUY THUONG                        Construction
0082013C90301002          90301002       LE THANH CHUONG                             Construction
0082013C90301071          90301071       NGUYEN MINH VIET                              Construction
0082013C90300463          90300463       LE VAN HUU                                          Construction
0082013C90300541          90300541       NGUYEN VAN CUONG                          Construction
0082013C90300170          90300170       DO XUAN KHOI                                     Construction
0082013C90300383          90300383       NGUYEN DUC VI                                    Construction
0082013C90300166          90300166       NGUYEN VAN TUAN                              Construction
0082013C90300334          90300334       TRAN MANH LINH                                Construction
0082013C90300391          90300391       TONG BA TINH                                      Construction
0082013C90300488          90300488       NGUYEN DINH HUNG                            Construction
0082013C90301563          90301563       PHAN THANH NHAN                            Construction
0082013C90300636          90300636       PHUNG MINH KHAI                              Construction
0082013C90300476          90300476       TRAN VAN VUONG                               Construction
0082013C90301137          90301137       NGUYEN TUAN DUNG                           Construction
0082013C90301520          90301520       NGUYEN VIET THANH                           Construction
0082013C90300090          90300090       VU VAN LANG                                       Construction
0082013C90300403          90300403       NGUYEN TIEN PHONG                          Construction
0082013C90301503          90301503       NGUYEN BONG                                      Construction
0082013C90300014          90300014       LE VAN TOAN                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300025          90300025       NGUYEN VAN NGHIEM                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300040          90300040       VUONG DINH DUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300041          90300041       PHAM TRUONG SON                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300044          90300044       HA XUAN TUYEN                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300077          90300077       TRAN THANH TAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300089          90300089       NGUYEN MINH CUONG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300095          90300095       BUI MINH DAM                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300101          90300101       LE PHI PHI                                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300115          90300115       TRAN VAN CHI                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300131          90300131       NGUYEN THI XUAN NON                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300168          90300168       PHAM VAN DIEU                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300182          90300182       LE NGOC HUNG                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300183          90300183       LE QUANG NGOC                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300214          90300214       NGUYEN VAN TUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300231          90300231       NGUYEN KHAC THANH                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300261          90300261       NGUYEN VAN QUYET                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300273          90300273       NGUYEN VAN QUANG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300290          90300290       DONG VAN CHAU                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300293          90300293       VU THI HIEN                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300311          90300311       NGUYEN VAN DIEN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300323          90300323       NGUYEN THI ANH NGOC                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300329          90300329       PHAM VAN GIOI                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300374          90300374       VU VAN HANH                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300393          90300393       VU THANH LONG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300409          90300409       HOANG HONG SON                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300413          90300413       DINH VAN TINH                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300418          90300418       NGUYEN QUY ANH                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300422          90300422       HOANG VAN HOA                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300443          90300443       TRAN THI NGA                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300507          90300507       DANG VAN THANH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300528          90300528       NGUYEN QUANG BINH                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300568          90300568       NONG VAN MANH                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300580          90300580       NGO CONG THIEN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300608          90300608       TONG VAN NAM                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300615          90300615       NGUYEN TRONG THANH                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300644          90300644       PHAM VAN CHIEN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300647          90300647       PHUONG VAN HIEU                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301018          90301018       TRUONG DUY VINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301029          90301029       DINH CONG VAN                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90301030          90301030       TRAN BA HAO                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301074          90301074       PHAM HUNG CUONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301088          90301088       PHAM MINH THUC                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301091          90301091       LE VAN LINH                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301099          90301099       NGUYEN DINH HANH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301108          90301108       LE VAN DUNG                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301116          90301116       BUI VAN KHOI                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301124          90301124       NGUYEN THE HAU                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301174          90301174       LE VIET HUNG                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301176          90301176       PHAN NGOC DUONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301199          90301199       NGUYEN CAO LAM                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301504          90301504       DANG VAN MUOI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301509          90301509       Y BHIM AYUN                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301513          90301513       DANG HUU PHUOC                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301550          90301550       TO DUY LINH                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301579          90301579       VO HONG THANG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301580          90301580       VO TIEN TIEN                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301608          90301608       PHAM THI NGA                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301611          90301611       NGUYEN HOANG SIENG                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301613          90301613       DO UC HOA TUAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300021          90300021       VU NGOC TUAN                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300032          90300032       PHAM VAN NAM                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300051          90300051       TRAN QUANG DAO                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300054          90300054       DINH VAN DIEP                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300068          90300068       VU VAN THO                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300070          90300070       NGUYEN VIET KHANH                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300111          90300111       LE VAN TUAN                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300113          90300113       DO QUANG THIEP                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300130          90300130       DO QUOC THANG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300137          90300137       BUI CHI CUONG                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300150          90300150       NGUYEN VAN NAM                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300178          90300178       LE DINH TUONG                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300189          90300189       DOAN TIEN HOANG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300195          90300195       CAO VAN HOA                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300233          90300233       CHU VAN DON                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300243          90300243       LA HUY KHIEM                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300256          90300256       NGUYEN VAN QUANG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300266          90300266       PHAM TIEN DAT                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300299          90300299       DO VAN VUONG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300301          90300301       NGUYEN DUY CONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300332          90300332       NGUYEN THI THUY DUONG                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300337          90300337       TONG VAN HIEN                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300340          90300340       PHUNG BA DUONG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300347          90300347       NGUYEN CONG TINH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300348          90300348       KHUONG THI HUYEN                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300358          90300358       NGUYEN VAN THIEM                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300367          90300367       PHAM TRUNG KIEN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300382          90300382       NGUYEN DUC VANG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300405          90300405       NGOC VAN HIEP                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300425          90300425       TRAN THI THANH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300460          90300460       DO THI BICH THAO                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300475          90300475       TRAN DUC KIEN                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300484          90300484       VU VAN HAI                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300491          90300491       PHAM VAN PHUONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300492          90300492       VU DINH HOANG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300496          90300496       VU MINH TUAN                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300501          90300501       NGUYEN VAN THANH                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300511          90300511       VU CONG CHUC                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300516          90300516       NGUYEN DUC LONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300518          90300518       NGUYEN VAN AN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300531          90300531       BUI THI THU HA                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300538          90300538       NGUYEN VAN TUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300558          90300558       LE DUY THANH                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300589          90300589       NGUYEN BINH MINH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300592          90300592       HOANG XUAN TUAN                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300621          90300621       PHAM HAI HA                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300640          90300640       NGUYEN TUAN ANH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300643          90300643       PHO SY NHAT                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301009          90301009       NGO BA DUC                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301013          90301013       NGUYEN DINH THUAN                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301040          90301040       DAU CONG HOAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301050          90301050       NGUYEN HO BAC                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301082          90301082       LE NHU Y                                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301085          90301085       PHAN XUAN BINH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301089          90301089       NGUYEN THI HA                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301096          90301096       MAI TRUONG THIEN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301127          90301127       HA VAN BAY                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301129          90301129       PHAM VAN DONG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301141          90301141       NGUYEN VAN THIEP                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301145          90301145       TRAN NGOC DUONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301173          90301173       LE VAN HUNG                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301181          90301181       MAI VAN NGOC                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301189          90301189       NGUYEN TRUNG THANH                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301501          90301501       BUI VIET TRUNG                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301537          90301537       NGUYEN THANH PHONG                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301539          90301539       DINH THI SI VOL                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300002          90300002       NGUYEN VAN HUAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300016          90300016       NGUYEN THE HOANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300018          90300018       NGUYEN VAN HAI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300019          90300019       PHAM VAN LAO                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300023          90300023       TRAN CAO CUONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300080          90300080       BUI XUAN QUYEN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300097          90300097       NGUYEN VAN PHUNG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300124          90300124       NGUYEN DUC PHONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300148          90300148       NGUYEN PHU TAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300152          90300152       MAI VAN DU                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300175          90300175       DO VAN QUY                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300187          90300187       NGUYEN THI NHU                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300201          90300201       LUU VAN TRUONG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300205          90300205       LUYEN NGOC ANH                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300216          90300216       NGUYEN TAT HIEU                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300218          90300218       DAO MINH DUC                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300220          90300220       NGUYEN VAN DUC                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300227          90300227       NGUYEN VAN NHAT                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300262          90300262       MAI VAN HIEP                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300269          90300269       NGUYEN NHU TUAT                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300270          90300270       DO VAN THANG                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300282          90300282       NGUYEN VAN DUC                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300353          90300353       VU THI XOAN                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300357          90300357       HOANG NGOC TAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300371          90300371       NGUYEN TRONG TUAN                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300376          90300376       NGUYEN THI KIM ANH                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300380          90300380       DAO TIEN DUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300392          90300392       HOANG VAN TUYEN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300407          90300407       LE XUAN TU                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300410          90300410       NGO TRONG TANG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300433          90300433       NGUYEN TRONG CHUC                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300462          90300462       NGUYEN KHAC QUYET                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300495          90300495       NGUYEN THI THU HANG                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300519          90300519       DO VAN HUNG                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300574          90300574       CAO THO QUYEN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300599          90300599       NGUYEN QUY DUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300601          90300601       TRAN THI HUE                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300620          90300620       NGUYEN DUC THONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300630          90300630       VU NGOC SON                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301005          90301005       NGO TU DUC                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301012          90301012       HOANG THANH HUNG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301016          90301016       QUACH HUU LAM                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301044          90301044       DUONG QUANG TUAN                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301046          90301046       NGUYEN VAN THICH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301052          90301052       PHAM CHI THANH                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301055          90301055       TRUONG CONG QUYET                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301061          90301061       PHAM TUAN NGA                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301063          90301063       PHAM DINH TRUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301072          90301072       NGUYEN VIET HUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301080          90301080       HOANG VAN DAT                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301155          90301155       NGUYEN KIEN TOAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301169          90301169       NGUYEN XUAN HAI                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301186          90301186       NGUYEN DINH TUAN                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301190          90301190       VO MANH HANH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301202          90301202       NGUYEN DUY BINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301203          90301203       LE DINH HUNG                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301517          90301517       NGUYEN DUC TUYEN                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301518          90301518       MAI VAN THAP                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301544          90301544       HA THI HOA HONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301573          90301573       NGUYEN DINH DAT                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301582          90301582       HO LE MINH LOI                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90301595          90301595       PHAM TAN TAO                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300005          90300005       PHAM DINH LINH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300010          90300010       NGUYEN VAN TU                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300015          90300015       BUI QUANG SONG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300036          90300036       PHAM VAN CANH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300037          90300037       MAI XUAN DUNG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300046          90300046       NGUYEN HUY HUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300059          90300059       TRAN VAN THAN                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300061          90300061       NGUYEN VAN CAO                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300062          90300062       DINH THI HONG                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300082          90300082       NGUYEN HONG DUNG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300084          90300084       TRUONG THI THANH NHAN                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300085          90300085       DUONG THE VU                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300086          90300086       NGUYEN TRAN TUYEN                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300136          90300136       HOANG DUC HAI                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300159          90300159       HOANG TRONG MAN                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300161          90300161       NGUYEN DAI NGHIA                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300164          90300164       NGUYEN TRONG GIAP                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300179          90300179       NGO DAC PHONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300186          90300186       NGUYEN VAN THANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300204          90300204       NGUYEN DUY TIEN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300206          90300206       NGUYEN DUC CHU                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300221          90300221       NGUYEN DUC HAU                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300230          90300230       MAN VAN LUONG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300235          90300235       LUONG VAN MINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300258          90300258       NGUYEN VAN HIEN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300259          90300259       KIEU VAN TRUONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300265          90300265       BUI VAN CHUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300268          90300268       MAI VAN CHUNG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300271          90300271       DO VAN DO                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300276          90300276       NGUYEN XUAN THANG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300324          90300324       HA VAN DUONG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300331          90300331       NGUYEN THI ANH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300335          90300335       DINH VAN LUONG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300359          90300359       NGUYEN THI HUE                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300360          90300360       LE DINH THANG                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300361          90300361       DO THI MINH NGUYET                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300412          90300412       NGUYEN XUAN SANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300423          90300423       NGUYEN HUY TRUC                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300439          90300439       NGUYEN NGOC VAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300452          90300452       NGUYEN THANH HUE                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300459          90300459       PHAM TIEN HUNG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300461          90300461       NGUYEN DUC DUY                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300471          90300471       VU NGOC LUONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300477          90300477       NGUYEN BA NGHI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300480          90300480       LE THANH HIEU                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300490          90300490       NGUYEN BAO LAM                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300499          90300499       TRAN VAN SANG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300522          90300522       TRAN VAN THUY                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300536          90300536       NGUYEN VAN BANG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300543          90300543       BUI VAN BINH                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300545          90300545       NGUYEN THANH TUNG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300550          90300550       VU VAN TAC                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300575          90300575       CAO VAN HOA                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300583          90300583       DINH VAN HUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300588          90300588       TRAN ANH THANG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300604          90300604       NGUYEN NGOC HA                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300605          90300605       MAI TUAN                                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300639          90300639       TRUONG VAN QUANG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300642          90300642       NGUYEN DUY TUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300645          90300645       NGUYEN DANH CUONG                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300649          90300649       NGUYEN THONG CU                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301008          90301008       LE QUANG HUNG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301019          90301019       NGUYEN THE DUNG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301022          90301022       NGUYEN TA SY                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301038          90301038       NGUYEN TRONG TAM                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301043          90301043       DANG MINH HAI                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90301054          90301054       HOANG VAN CHUONG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301067          90301067       VU DUC CAO                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301073          90301073       HO HUU NGHIA                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301078          90301078       PHAM VAN TUYEN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301081          90301081       HO SY HUONG                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301097          90301097       HOANG VAN SAU                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301118          90301118       VO VAN NHAN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301122          90301122       TRAN BINH PHUONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301128          90301128       NGUYEN VAN TRUONG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301139          90301139       PHAM QUOC HUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301148          90301148       NGUYEN TIEN DUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301166          90301166       NGUYEN DANG KHOA                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301506          90301506       NGUYEN KIM LIEN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301511          90301511       PHAM THI TUOI                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301512          90301512       PHAM TRUNG TRUC                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301514          90301514       LE VAN ROM                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301527          90301527       PHAN CONG MINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301531          90301531       LAM THANH PHONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301532          90301532       NGUYEN DUY                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301540          90301540       PHAN THANH GIANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301541          90301541       NGUYEN THANH THAO                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301562          90301562       PHAM DUC TOAN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301564          90301564       NGUYEN HUNG TAM                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301581          90301581       TRAN VAN CUONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301603          90301603       DANG VAN NI                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300006          90300006       NGUYEN TRI HIEU                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300017          90300017       NGUYEN THI THU TRANG                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300028          90300028       LE KHAC QUYNH                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300030          90300030       LE QUANG TUYEN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300034          90300034       HOANG VAN THIEU                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300042          90300042       NGUYEN VAN TUNG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300048          90300048       TRAN VAN NGHI                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300072          90300072       KIM THAI DUONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300087          90300087       HOANG VAN HUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300100          90300100       DINH VAN TIEN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300105          90300105       NGO PHU DONG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300107          90300107       LE HUU SANG                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300132          90300132       NGUYEN VAN PHONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300143          90300143       BUI TRONG MANH                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300147          90300147       VU MANH HUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300151          90300151       PHAM VAN TRUONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300156          90300156       NGUYEN THE HAI                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300165          90300165       PHAM QUOC LAM                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300188          90300188       NGUYEN VAN UOC                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300190          90300190       THANG HUY GIANG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300198          90300198       PHAM GIAP NAM                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300208          90300208       NGUYEN TRUNG HIEU                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300210          90300210       DAO MANH TOAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300213          90300213       DUONG QUANG THANG                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300225          90300225       NGUYEN ICH BANG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300229          90300229       NGO VAN LUONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300236          90300236       LUU VAN KHANH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300238          90300238       BUI VAN CHINH                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300246          90300246       PHAM THI DUNG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300252          90300252       TRAN TRUNG ANH                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300253          90300253       DOAN TUAN LUONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300255          90300255       QUACH VAN TOAN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300289          90300289       VU VAN TUAN                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300291          90300291       HAN THI DIEU TUYET                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300307          90300307       BUI QUANG ANH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300313          90300313       DANG DUC SUU                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300326          90300326       NGUYEN VAN CHAT                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300327          90300327       DOAN VAN QUANG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300330          90300330       NGUYEN THI QUYEN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300336          90300336       NGUYEN VAN CAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300339          90300339       HOANG VAN TRONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300352          90300352       TRAN XUAN KIEN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300355          90300355       DAO QUANG HUY                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300386          90300386       DUONG VAN HAO                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300388          90300388       TRAN DINH KHANH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300401          90300401       NGUYEN VAN LUU                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300411          90300411       TRAN VAN PHUONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300429          90300429       NGUYEN QUANG HUY                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300431          90300431       NGUYEN VAN DUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300454          90300454       NGUYEN VAN XUAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300470          90300470       NGUYEN THANH HA                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300517          90300517       NGUYEN VAN NGHIEP                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300524          90300524       VU VAN LOC                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300535          90300535       VI HONG TRUONG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300542          90300542       TRAN CAO SON                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300548          90300548       NGUYEN KHIEM                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300560          90300560       NGUYEN VAN HUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300561          90300561       NGO VAN LIEM                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300565          90300565       TRAN HUY TRANG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300577          90300577       NGUYEN THE CUONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300578          90300578       PHUNG TIEN HA                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300596          90300596       NGUYEN DINH TRONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300612          90300612       TRUONG VAN KHA                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300616          90300616       NGO NHAT TUAN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300618          90300618       BUI XUAN HUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300632          90300632       PHUNG THE DIEN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300634          90300634       HOANG THI THAO                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300638          90300638       TRINH QUYET THANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301010          90301010       NGUYEN DINH LONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301011          90301011       NGO ANH DUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90301017          90301017       NGUYEN VAN BAC                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301027          90301027       DAO MINH PHUOC                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301064          90301064       TRAN VAN DONG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301065          90301065       NGUYEN MINH HIEN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301075          90301075       TRAN BA BIEU                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301079          90301079       HOANG VU TRU                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301107          90301107       LE VAN CHUNG                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301110          90301110       NGUYEN VAN THANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301142          90301142       NGUYEN TRUNG THANH                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301144          90301144       NGUYEN DOAN CUONG                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301152          90301152       DOAN HUU THUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301153          90301153       NGUYEN HONG VU                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301162          90301162       LE QUANG ANH                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301163          90301163       NGUYEN THI MINH TAM                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301164          90301164       NGUYEN ANH TUAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301167          90301167       NGUYEN VAN QUANG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301188          90301188       PHUNG BA QUANG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301191          90301191       NGUYEN VAN NGHI                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301198          90301198       LE DINH BAO                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301201          90301201       HOANG DUC HUNG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301515          90301515       VO VAN TUOI                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301535          90301535       NGUYEN TAN DAT                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301536          90301536       NGUYEN VAN MANH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301538          90301538       PHAN THANH TRUONG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301548          90301548       PHAM VAN THANH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301554          90301554       NGUYEN QUANG MINH                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301560          90301560       CHU THI BI                                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301568          90301568       TRINH VAN THANG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301570          90301570       NGUYEN TAN DUOC                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301571          90301571       TRAN THANH HAI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301587          90301587       TRUONG VAN THAI                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301592          90301592       PHAM XUAN TRUONG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300008          90300008       LE VAN TAO                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300039          90300039       NGUYEN XUAN DOAN                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300047          90300047       HOANG THI VIET ANH                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300049          90300049       NGUYEN VAN THUC                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300053          90300053       HO THANH TUAN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300057          90300057       DUONG VAN CHINH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300058          90300058       PHAM VAN BACH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300063          90300063       BUI THANH TUNG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300067          90300067       CHU THI GIANG                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300069          90300069       NGUYEN KHAC NAM                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300073          90300073       VY XUAN HO                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300088          90300088       LUONG THANH PHUC                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300092          90300092       DO DUY HIEN                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300094          90300094       NGUYEN BA THANG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300099          90300099       PHAM TRUNG HIEU                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300114          90300114       NGUYEN VAN CONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300127          90300127       PHAM VAN KHANH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300133          90300133       LY TRUONG GIANG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300139          90300139       NGUYEN CONG VI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300146          90300146       DUONG TIEN THANH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300154          90300154       NGUYEN QUANG SANG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300158          90300158       DANG THI LAN HUE                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300160          90300160       DINH NGOC HOAN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300169          90300169       THINH XUAN LONG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300171          90300171       TRUONG THI KIM THU                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300172          90300172       LA QUY LANH                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300174          90300174       BUI VAN THUAN                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300176          90300176       DUONG VAN TRUONG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300232          90300232       NGUYEN VAN HAI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300234          90300234       LUU VIET TU                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300245          90300245       NGUYEN VAN DAT                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300257          90300257       LE TRUNG CHANH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300264          90300264       TRAN VAN NAM                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300272          90300272       NGUYEN VAN TOAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300283          90300283       DAM VAN SANG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300284          90300284       TRAN HAI QUAN                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300310          90300310       LE DINH TUNG                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300318          90300318       LA TAT THANG                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300325          90300325       LE VAN TUYEN                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300345          90300345       NGUYEN KHAC THANH                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300351          90300351       NGUYEN VAN HIEN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300362          90300362       NGUYEN QUANG CUONG                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300364          90300364       NGUYEN VAN HUAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300416          90300416       LE VAN DAT                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300428          90300428       DAM BICH DANG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300451          90300451       LE NGOC THU                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300469          90300469       DO VAN DUONG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300500          90300500       TONG VAN SON                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300523          90300523       TRAN VAN KHOA                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300546          90300546       VU XUAN PHA                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300552          90300552       NGUYEN HAI TUYEN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300555          90300555       NGUYEN XUAN DINH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300566          90300566       HOANG ANH TUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300569          90300569       TRAN VAN TRUONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300572          90300572       DO DUC CHUYEN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300573          90300573       HOANG THI THUY                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300624          90300624       TRAN VAN LENH                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300635          90300635       TRAN VAN TRUONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301031          90301031       NGUYEN NGOC GIANG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301053          90301053       NGUYEN VAN YEN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301086          90301086       TRAN VAN HIEU                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301094          90301094       NGUYEN VAN THANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301117          90301117       PHAN VAN CUONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301121          90301121       NGUYEN DAC DINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301133          90301133       NGUYEN THI THANH HUNG                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301143          90301143       NGUYEN THANH HOAN                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301146          90301146       TRAN NGOC BINH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301157          90301157       NGUYEN DANG HANH                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301159          90301159       NGUYEN QUOC DAT                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301160          90301160       MAI VAN CUONG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301170          90301170       PHAM THE THANH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301193          90301193       NGUYEN HUU TRUNG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301519          90301519       LE THI THANH TUYEN                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301521          90301521       NGUYEN VAN TRUNG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301526          90301526       KHONG MINH THU                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301530          90301530       PHAM NGOC TIEN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301559          90301559       LE TRONG NHAN                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90301567          90301567       PHAM THUY MY TRAM                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301569          90301569       DIEP TAN ANH HUY                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301572          90301572       TRAN ANH VU                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301575          90301575       PHAN TRUONG AN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301590          90301590       TRAN THANH PHAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301599          90301599       PHAM KHANH HONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301601          90301601       MAI THANH VIET                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300001          90300001       NGUYEN VAN BINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300009          90300009       PHAM KIEU PHUONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300020          90300020       TRAN VAN HANH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300022          90300022       NGUYEN QUOC TU                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300024          90300024       NGUYEN THI PHUONG LAM                Manufacturing
0082013C90300035          90300035       VO TAN TRUNG                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300065          90300065       LE XUAN KHIET                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300074          90300074       NGUYEN DUY HUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300075          90300075       HOANG DUY CUONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300076          90300076       HOANG VAN LAM                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300102          90300102       MAI PHI DOAN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300116          90300116       BUI VAN CANH                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300118          90300118       TRAN MANH HA                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300120          90300120       VU VAN QUY                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300121          90300121       NGUYEN DANG MANH                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300128          90300128       HO QUANG THANG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300141          90300141       NGUYEN VAN DUONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300144          90300144       NGUYEN VAN NGHIA                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300149          90300149       TRAN VAN DAT                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300155          90300155       BUI DUC DUY                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300157          90300157       HA VAN DONG                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300173          90300173       TO VAN QUYET                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300177          90300177       VU VAN KIEM                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300184          90300184       NGUYEN VAN QUYEN                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300185          90300185       HOANG NGOC THAO                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300191          90300191       HOANG THUONG NHAT                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300192          90300192       NGUYEN HONG PHONG                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300223          90300223       DINH VAN GIAO                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300226          90300226       NGUYEN TIEN CANH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300228          90300228       TRAN TRUNG DUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300240          90300240       TRAN VAN DUONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300244          90300244       VU HUU LOC                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300247          90300247       LE KHANH TOAN                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300248          90300248       VU THI THUY                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300274          90300274       DOAN VAN TRUONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300280          90300280       BUI HUY TUAN                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300303          90300303       MAI QUANG HIEP                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300304          90300304       DOAN THAI SON                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300312          90300312       NGO DUC DUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300320          90300320       NGUYEN VAN DAT                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300328          90300328       DO THI THOM                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300350          90300350       NGUYEN THANH LUAN                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300356          90300356       LE TAN THANH                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300363          90300363       NGUYEN VAN TINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300387          90300387       DO VAN KIEN                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300397          90300397       DOAN QUANG MANH                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300400          90300400       NGUYEN HUU HOANG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300417          90300417       PHAM VAN THUONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300424          90300424       QUACH HUU QUYNH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300426          90300426       TRUONG NGOC DONG                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300435          90300435       NGUYEN VAN CUONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300442          90300442       PHAM VAN HUAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300444          90300444       VU DUC THANG                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300456          90300456       DAO VAN DUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300505          90300505       NGUYEN DUC DUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300508          90300508       DO VAN CHUONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300514          90300514       CHU ANH DUNG                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300515          90300515       NGUYEN VAN MANH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300527          90300527       VU VAN TAU                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300549          90300549       VU THI ANH                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300554          90300554       LE QUANG NGUYEN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300567          90300567       PHAM TRUNG CAP                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300585          90300585       TRAN XUAN HOAN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300626          90300626       LE XUAN CUONG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300629          90300629       TRAN VAN THANG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300653          90300653       VU DUY HON                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301003          90301003       THIEU DINH HUNG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301007          90301007       VU MINH HUONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301014          90301014       NGUYEN VAN HAU                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301026          90301026       HO VIET CANH                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301032          90301032       PHAN DINH THIEN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301048          90301048       PHAN VAN TUAN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301049          90301049       VO VAN PHONG                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301056          90301056       HOANG VAN CUONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301087          90301087       NGUYEN MINH TIEN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301092          90301092       NGUYEN THE TRUNG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301102          90301102       LUU VAN TUAN                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301113          90301113       LE TIEN AN                                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301114          90301114       HO NGOC QUY                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301126          90301126       NGUYEN DINH CANH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301140          90301140       TRAN DANG TAM                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301147          90301147       PHAN XUAN SON                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301150          90301150       NGUYEN VO DUC                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301154          90301154       HOANG NGOC TINH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301172          90301172       PHAN XUAN NHAT                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301175          90301175       TRUONG HUY TIEP                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301180          90301180       NGUYEN DUY CHAU                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301182          90301182       NGUYEN VAN LE                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301205          90301205       NGUYEN TU CAU                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90301523          90301523       HUYNH HAI TRIEU                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301543          90301543       NGUYEN TRONG HIEU                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301551          90301551       NGUYEN THI CAM TRANG                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301586          90301586       CHAU HONG HUY                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301588          90301588       LUONG CHI THANH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301596          90301596       DO MINH HUY                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301604          90301604       NGUYEN NGOC KHAI                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301610          90301610       VO VAN LINH                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90301612          90301612       PHAM MANH HUNG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300003          90300003       LU MINH DUOC                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300004          90300004       PHAM NGOC TAN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300026          90300026       LE VAN TIEN                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300029          90300029       BUI THANH HUNG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300031          90300031       NGUYEN SONG HAO                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300033          90300033       TRAN DINH PHONG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300038          90300038       MAI VAN QUY                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300064          90300064       NGUYEN VAN DOAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300078          90300078       BUI VAN HUNG                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300079          90300079       NGUYEN VAN PHU                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300103          90300103       LO VAN BINH                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300109          90300109       NGUYEN THE THANH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300117          90300117       NGUYEN VAN KHAI                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300123          90300123       NGUYEN VAN HOI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300126          90300126       DOAN THANH HAU                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300129          90300129       LE VAN THAO                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300167          90300167       TRAN QUOC HUY                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300181          90300181       DUONG VAN PHONG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300202          90300202       LE TRUNG ANH                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300203          90300203       LY THI KIM OANH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300212          90300212       THAN VAN HAI                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300217          90300217       VU THE DON                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300219          90300219       BUI ANH MINH                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300224          90300224       NGUYEN CAO SON                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300251          90300251       NGUYEN THI HONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300286          90300286       NGUYEN QUANG TUAN                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300297          90300297       PHI DINH TUAN                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300306          90300306       NGUYEN VAN TUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300308          90300308       BUI DUC DUAN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300309          90300309       LE VAN KHOA                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300354          90300354       TRAN TRONG TRUONG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300366          90300366       LUONG VAN THANH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300368          90300368       DANG QUOC VU                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300394          90300394       TA VAN THIEN                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300395          90300395       BUI VAN HAO                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300398          90300398       DAO THI NHUNG                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300402          90300402       LE VAN VIET                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300404          90300404       VU BA TINH                                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300419          90300419       TRAN TIEN BINH                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300438          90300438       TRAN VAN DUNG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300440          90300440       BUI VAN CHIEN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300441          90300441       NGUYEN MINH DUC                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300445          90300445       LAM VAN HANH                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300455          90300455       NGUYEN THI HANH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300466          90300466       TANG CONG CHIEN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300474          90300474       VU VAN QUOC                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300478          90300478       NGUYEN TUAN HAI                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300510          90300510       DINH KHAC THANH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300513          90300513       NGUYEN XUAN KHAI                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300521          90300521       NGUYEN TUAN ANH                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300526          90300526       NGUYEN MANH NINH                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300551          90300551       TRAN DAI PHONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300562          90300562       HOANG DINH CONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300563          90300563       NGUYEN THI PHUONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300564          90300564       NGUYEN VAN MINH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300590          90300590       LE MANH VIET                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300631          90300631       NGO THE TU                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301025          90301025       TRAN VAN HANH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301028          90301028       NGUYEN THI THAO                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301036          90301036       DAO VAN CUONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301041          90301041       NGUYEN TRUNG DUNG1                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301051          90301051       TRINH VAN GIANG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301069          90301069       NGUYEN VAN BAC                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301070          90301070       HOANG DINH LONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301083          90301083       NGO THANH HAO                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301084          90301084       DAU NGOC ANH                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90301095          90301095       TRAN HUU HOA                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301098          90301098       PHAN DINH THANH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301100          90301100       HO VAN HUAN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301104          90301104       TRAN VAN LAM                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90301105          90301105       MAI VAN BIEN                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301119          90301119       PHAN QUANG LOC                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301158          90301158       LE VAN DUY                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301177          90301177       AU THANH TUAN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301185          90301185       NGUYEN VAN KHANH                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301194          90301194       DANG QUOC TUAN                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301528          90301528       DOAN KIM HANH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301555          90301555       VO TUAN VU                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301578          90301578       NGUYEN DUC DUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301597          90301597       LUU VAN THAO                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301606          90301606       PHAN VAN PHONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301607          90301607       LY MINH KHA                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300007          90300007       MAU TIEN VAN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90300011          90300011       DINH THI MAI VUI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300013          90300013       NGHIEM BA NHAT                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300043          90300043       TRUONG VAN CHINH                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300045          90300045       LE NGOC THAO                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300050          90300050       TRAN QUANG TAN                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300052          90300052       HOANG VAN VAN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300060          90300060       NGO VAN THONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300071          90300071       NGO TAT THANG                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300083          90300083       DINH CAO SON                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300098          90300098       CAO MANH TOAN                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300108          90300108       DINH CONG CAU                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300112          90300112       NGUYEN TRONG HAO                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300122          90300122       PHAM VAN LAM                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300134          90300134       NGUYEN SY TOAN                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300135          90300135       CHU VAN PHONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300140          90300140       LE DUY TUYEN                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300142          90300142       TRINH DUC TRONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300162          90300162       HUYNH THUC KHANG                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300193          90300193       LE XUAN NGOC                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300197          90300197       TA DUY NHAT                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300241          90300241       VU THI DOAN                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300250          90300250       LUC VAN CAN                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300254          90300254       BUI VAN KHANH                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300263          90300263       DINH DAI DUONG                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300267          90300267       PHAN VAN BA                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300275          90300275       PHAM VAN LAI                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300279          90300279       TRAN VAN KIEN                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300281          90300281       LE VAN THINH                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90300285          90300285       DONG THI HOA                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300288          90300288       NGUYEN VAN TINH                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300302          90300302       NGUYEN DINH THI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300314          90300314       TRAN VAN THUAT                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300322          90300322       NGUYEN VAN DUONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300341          90300341       PHAM QUANG LAM                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300343          90300343       NGO VAN HANH                                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300344          90300344       NGUYEN VAN VUA                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300349          90300349       LE VAN HIEN                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300372          90300372       PHAN DINH LUC                                    Manufacturing
0082013C90300377          90300377       NGUYEN TIEN HOA                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300378          90300378       NGUYEN THI HONG                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300381          90300381       LUONG TAM                                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300384          90300384       NGUYEN QUY QUANG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300385          90300385       NGHIEM TRONG PHUONG                   Manufacturing
0082013C90300446          90300446       NGUYEN THANH PHONG                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300448          90300448       NGUYEN HUU DUYEN                           Manufacturing
0082013C90300457          90300457       NGUYEN DUC LONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300465          90300465       NGUYEN VAN CUONG                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300467          90300467       DUONG NGOC TU                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300468          90300468       NGUYEN VAN DAO                               Manufacturing
0082013C90300473          90300473       LE MANH HA                                         Manufacturing
0082013C90300486          90300486       PHAM VAN DUNG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90300494          90300494       TRAN VAN SON                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90300509          90300509       LAI VIET BINH                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90300520          90300520       NGUYEN BA TINH                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90300529          90300529       PHAM VAN DUONG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300537          90300537       NGUYEN QUANG HAU                          Manufacturing
0082013C90300540          90300540       TRINH NGOC DANG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90300553          90300553       NGUYEN TIEN HOAN                             Manufacturing
0082013C90300557          90300557       DUONG VAN HUU                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300595          90300595       LE THE SON                                            Manufacturing
0082013C90300597          90300597       NGUYEN TIEN HAI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90300633          90300633       VU VAN DUNG                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301006          90301006       NGUYEN DANG VUONG                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301015          90301015       NGUYEN THI HAU                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301020          90301020       CAO NGUYEN HONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301021          90301021       NGUYEN DINH DUC                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301035          90301035       NGO SY MINH                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301042          90301042       TRAN HUU CO                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301059          90301059       LE XUAN THUONG                                Manufacturing
0082013C90301062          90301062       HOANG DINH DAI                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301068          90301068       NGUYEN HUU NGHIA                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301076          90301076       TRINH DANG DONG                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301077          90301077       LE VAN MINH                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301090          90301090       NGUYEN VAN HOA                               Manufacturing
0082013C90301093          90301093       HOANG VAN CHUNG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301109          90301109       NGUYEN VAN PHUONG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301111          90301111       PHAN DANG THONG                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301120          90301120       NGUYEN LAM THANH                          Manufacturing
0082013C90301125          90301125       TRAN DANH TRUNG                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301132          90301132       TRUONG DINH CUONG                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301134          90301134       PHAM DINH KY                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301136          90301136       HO VIET DAM                                        Manufacturing
0082013C90301151          90301151       NGUYEN BUI THO                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301156          90301156       LE VAN SON                                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301171          90301171       NGUYEN CONG HIEU                            Manufacturing
0082013C90301187          90301187       NGUYEN THE ANH                                 Manufacturing
0082013C90301195          90301195       NGUYEN HUU NAM                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301200          90301200       TRAN ANH TUAN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301525          90301525       NGUYEN TRONG TRI                             Manufacturing
0082013C90301549          90301549       VO THI TRANG                                       Manufacturing
0082013C90301553          90301553       TRAN CONG TIEN                                  Manufacturing
0082013C90301557          90301557       NGUYEN THI AI NGUYEN                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301566          90301566       LE MINH LUAN                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301574          90301574       PHAM THAI VU                                     Manufacturing
0082013C90301577          90301577       TRUONG DINH DOAN                           Manufacturing
0082013C90301584          90301584       VO DAT THINH                                      Manufacturing
0082013C90301593          90301593       NGUYEN VAN LANH                              Manufacturing
0082013C90301614          90301614       LE MINH KIEN KHANG                          Manufacturing