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EPS TOPIK Textbook 2013 Free Download

For the purpose of improving proficiency of Korean and pair selection of Foreign workers who hope to work in Korea, Human Resources Development Service of Korea(HRDKorea), have been conducting the EPS-TOPIK test.
So far, HRD KOREA have released a question pool in advance and the EPS-TOPIK have been based on the question pool. To better assess the level of the foreign workers, we are planning to raise the level of difficulty on the test questions. In order to select superior workers who would be good at korean, HRD KOREA will make up questions gradually from the closed question bank. HRD KOREA plan to convert to the making up the test questions in closed all over.
For this reason, HRD KOREA publish The Standard Textbook of Korean in order to give learning directions to foreign workers preparing for EPS-TOPIK tests and support their improvement of proficiency of Korean. HRD KOREA are looking forward to making good use of this textbook, so that will bring forth better results of the EPS-TOPIK test.
Each chapter of the standard textbook for EPS-TOPIK is comprised of five parts as below.

ContentsThe aims of the lesson
Vocabulary and ExpressionLearn about the vocabulary through pictures
DialogUsing learned vocabularies through expressions and knowing about the grammar
PracticeMake up a dialog and practice
Culture/InformationInformation about Korean culture and their's work environment
EPS-TOPIK practicepreparing the EPS-TOPIK test