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Circular for 1st Skill Test under the EPS in China.

May 21, 2014

The 1st Skills Test in China under the EPS is to be conducted for those who have passed the EPS–TOPIK. Those who want to take the Skills Test are allowed to apply for it as follows:

Held by: Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Republic of Korea
Implemented by: Human Resources Development Service of Korea
Cooperated by: The Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce of P.R China

1.      Industry category for the test
-      Manufacturing

2.      Qualification
-         Anyone who passed the EPS–TOPIK test (May. 11, 2013) and wants to take the skills test
-         Anyone who passed the EPS–TOPIK test (Apr. 27, 2014) and wants to take the skills test
Those who are excluded from registration

A.     Those who have taken the Skills Test
B.     Those who have abandoned job application (immigration)
C.     Those who are not permitted to get the Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI)

3.      Registration
A.    Period of Registration: May 26th(Mon.) ~ May 29th(Thu.), 2014
-           Registration hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (lunch break 12:00 – 13:00)
B.      Registration Region: Heilongjiang, Henan, Shandong
C.    Registration method: Internet registration
D.    Test fee: None
4.      Announcement of test date and venue for each applicant
A.    Announcement date: Friday, June 27, 2014
B.      Announcement method
-         Bulletin board and website of CIPA
C.    Test period (subject to change)
-         From July 5th to 9th, 2014
D.    Test venue (subject to change): At designated venue of Heilongjiang, Henan, Shandong(To be announced)
   Exact time and venue will announce on June 27th (Fri.), after full consideration of result of registrations by regional.

5.      Announcement of Test Result

A.    Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
B.      Method
-         Access the EPS Website (, and click “multi-language version”.
-         Sign up for membership.
-         Check individual test results.

6.      Special Benefit for High Scorer and attendees

A.    High scorers* will have priority in terms of primary job recommendation to Korea employers.
B.     Attendees for the skills test will have priority in terms of secondary job recommendation to Korea employers.
However, the priority related to job recommendation will not be given to poor scorers**.
* High scorers: Those who earned more than 200 points in total score
** Poor scorers: Those who earned less than 100 points in total score

7.      Skills Test Details

A.    Composition of Test (3 Categories)
-         Physical Test, Interview Test, and Basic Skills Test
B.      Point Allocation
Physical test
Interview test
Basic skills test

C.    Contents of Physical Test
Evaluation items
Gripping power
Measuring hand grasping power only once per each hand using a measuring device (by kilogram)
Physical examination (height, weight)
Back muscle
Measuring back muscle strength only once using a measuring device (by kilogram)
D.    Contents of Interview
Evaluation items
Preparedness, contents and attitude, etc.
The interview will be filmed (for 1 minute) and provided to Korean employers.
Basic communication
Understanding orders
- Basic Communication Skills in Korean
- Understanding basic instructions in Korean
Answering the name
of equipment
- Answering the name of two (2) kinds of equipment
- Job basic ability Interview test based on the National Competency Standards
Job experience
- Job experience and period of employment

E.     Contents of Basic Skill Test
Evaluation items
Insert Pins Manually
Pin on the board correctly according to color, shape and size
Evaluation of Speed, Stability, Judgment, Space perceptual ability, Hand Function
Handle & Hang Items
Hang the rings on the rod according to size.
Load Items
Arrange the 12 pieces to complete the 4 boards.

8.      Instructions for Applicants

A.    Test date and venue assigned to each applicant will be announced on Friday, June 27, 2014. Please refer to the announcement on the date.
B.      The designated test date and venue cannot be rearranged. No one is allowed to enter the venue after the designated entry time.
C.    No one is allowed to enter who fails to bear both ID card (passport) and the admission ticket
D.    You should pay special attention to your safety during the test. You are entirely responsible for any accidents caused by your negligence.
E.      The tools and equipment for the test will be prepared at the testing venue, so you are not required to bring any tools or equipment (except for both ID card and the admission ticket).
F.       You are advised to wear comfortable and neat clothes that cause no inconvenience in the skills test.
G.    Please be advised that any actions or attempts to cheat in the test will get you zero (0) points.
H.    Please prepare a self–introductory statement for the interview, and check the contents of the Task Instructions, attached to this announcement, and prepare to obtain good results from the test.
I.         All the passers of the EPS–TOPIK can apply for a job regardless of their skills test results, and the on-site video clip will be filmed during the test and provided to Korean employers for reference.